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Turkan - EG Sports Construction Company

Turkan - EG Sports Construction Company
Address: Sifarat Street 10 ,nasr city ,Egypt
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Turkan Company is the best artificial turf company, as many people search for artificial turf companies, or what is called artificial turf, as it gives a beautiful appearance to any existing place.
Artificial grass is used in many different ways, the most famous of which is the use of balconies
It gives a beautiful appearance to the place and changes the appearance of the place to a great extent, and there are many more
One of the uses is artificial grass for sports, which makes the place look its best
It is possible, and as for the price of artificial grass, it is an affordable price for many, which makes it easy for everyone to buy it
Because of its suitable price for all categories, turf and artificial grass are sold by the metre.
What is the price of a meter of artificial grass?
The price of a meter of artificial grass is important information for many people who want to renovate their outdoor spaces in an elegant and durable way. Artificial turf is a popular alternative to natural grass, as it provides an aesthetic appearance without the need for constant care and periodic irrigation.
The price per meter of artificial grass varies based on several factors. These factors include the quality and density of the artificial turf, as well as the supplier or manufacturer. There is usually a wide range of price ranges, with the price per meter of artificial turf ranging from US$10 to US$40.
However, keep in mind that a low price for artificial turf may reflect low quality, while high quality turf is usually in the higher price range. It is advisable to contact industry professionals to get a specific cost estimate based on your requirements and available budget.
In general, artificial turf is a good long-term investment due to its durability and sustainability. Additionally, artificial turf provides savings on irrigation and maintenance costs in the long term, making it a popular choice for outdoor spaces, sports fields and parks.
Whatever the budget available, it is advisable to cooperate with reliable suppliers and check the quality standards and warranty provided before making a purchase decision. Make sure to request artificial turf samples and consult experts to evaluate them and get appropriate advice before investing in artificial turf installation.

Is artificial grass placed on dirt?
Yes, artificial grass can be placed on dirt. Usually, artificial turf is installed on the surface of dirt or flat ground. Before laying artificial turf, the dirt surface must be properly prepared to ensure optimal results. This includes removing grass and weeds, and grading and leveling the ground to create a flat, stable surface.
After preparing the dirt surface, the artificial turf is fixed to it using stabilizing materials such as sand, granulated rubber or perforated fabric. These materials stabilize the grass and give it greater stability. Sealant chips can also be used to improve drainage and prevent water from collecting under the surface.
It is important to note that in some cases, such as poorly drained soils or areas with hot climates, it may be better to use a composite base such as modified sand or gravel to improve drainage and provide aeration for the artificial turf.
It must be taken into account that installing artificial grass on the soil depends on the nature and condition of the soil and the requirements of the individual project. It may be best to hire experts in installing artificial turf to ensure it is installed correctly and sustainably.
How many meters is the grass?
I assume you are asking about the price of artificial grass per square meter. The price of a meter of artificial turf varies based on many factors, such as the quality of the turf, the region of the country you live in, the manufacturer, and the turf suppliers.
In general, the price of a meter of artificial grass ranges between 10 and 40 US dollars. This average can change depending on the previously mentioned factors and other factors specific to each project.
It is worth noting that the cost of artificial turf is not only limited to the price per square meter, but also includes installation costs and the necessary materials, in addition to labor costs if you intend to hire specialists to install it.
You should contact our Artificial Turf Sales Department for specific cost estimates based on your individual requirements.

Does artificial grass deteriorate from the sun?
Artificial grass
Currently manufactured artificial turf has good resistance to the effects of the sun. Artificial turf is manufactured using materials designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, there may be a slight effect on the color and overall appearance of the artificial turf over time.
Manufacturers offer many high-quality products that contain UV protection technologies to maintain the appearance of artificial turf and limit the effect of the sun on it. These techniques reduce color fading and protect the fibers from abrasion and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.
However, prolonged direct direct sun exposure can affect the lifespan of artificial turf. The color may fade slightly and the overall elasticity of the fibers weakens over time. To maintain the appearance of your artificial turf over the years, it is recommended that you follow our Turcan care instructions and clean and maintain it regularly.
Overall, it can be said that artificial turf continues to...